Prep Year

At St Agnes we aim for the Prep year to build continuity between children’s prior experiences and their future learning in school. At St Agnes, we encourage children to be a community of active, co-operative learners. We recognise that strong relationships are essential and can be established through mutual interest, trust and care for each other. To develop these relationships, we respond to each child as an individual.StAgnes_2021(338).jpg


Research shows that children in early childhood settings learn best in an environment that encourages movement, investigation, discussion, outdoor learning and flexible learning contexts.

The Prep Year Program at St Agnes follows the Australian Curriculum and the BCE Religious Education Curriculum. Play based learning is fostered at St Agnes where children participate in exploratory, directed, fantasy, educational activities, free play as well as physical play and games with rules.                                                              

When your child plays, they will develop social and personal learning, language and communication, early mathematical understanding, health and physical ability and active thinking processes. These factors have also been identified in research as the indicators for success in school learning and as the foundations for success in later learning.​


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