School Board

StAgnes_2021(75).jpgThe School Pastoral Board exists to ensure that the school fulfils its responsibility to work towards the achievement of the goals of the Brisbane Archdiocese, Catholic Education and the school's own Mission Statement.

The Board has pastoral responsibilities in the areas of:

  • Policy-making
  • Provision and maintenance of school buildings and plant
  • Budgeting
  • Communication

The Board has advisory responsibilities requiring information sharing and discussion in the areas of:

  • Curriculum and
  • Staffing

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The Board has a membership that includes the Parish Priest or Parish Representative, the principal and designated members of the school staff, parent body and parish community.

School Board Members

  • Principal: Mrs Bernadette Judd ​

  • Secretary : Mrs Rachelle French
  • Parish Rep : Mr Paul Gallagher
  • APRE: Mrs Dean Estreich
  • Jason Bau
  • Sabina Schl​egel​
  • Carla Troon