Extra Curricular Activities


​​​Opportunities outside the Key Learning Areas exist for students to pursue their interests.

St Agnes School offers the following extra-curricula activities:


Instrumental Program:​

Children in Years 2-6 are eligible to enrol in our instrumental program which is conducted by external providers with parents entering into a contract with them. The cost is borne by parents. Lessons are given in woodwind, brass, percussion, string instruments and keyboard. The cost of this program is available on application. A student's weekly commitment is to a thirty-minute lesson during school hours and a one-hour band practice outside school hours. Children must supply their own instruments. Children who can play appropriate instruments but who do not learn through the school are welcome to be involved in the school band.                                                                                                                                                                            ​   ©Brisbane Catholic Education, St Agnes School (2021)

Contact Details:

Ms Ara Williamson 

email: ara.williamson@gmail.com or ph: 0430 003 184


Tennis lessons is also offered after school for students from Years 1-6 by an external provider.  Information is sent home via the newsletter at the beginning of each term.

Contact Details:

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots
website: www.tennisforkids.com.au



Private piano lessons is also offered to students by an external provider during class times.

Contact Details:

Mrs Yolanda Appelt

email: yolandaappelt@optusnet.com.au or  ph:3343 4625

                                                                                                                  ​​"Piano Keyboard Macro" by włodi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


​​ A chess club runs Wednesday afternoon after school with an external provider. 

Contact Details:

Gardiner Chess 

website:  www.gardinerchess.com.au or ph: 5522 7221

​Speech and Drama:​

Weekly drama classes run Thursday afternoon after school with an external provider.

Contact Details:

​Speak Up Studio

website: www.speakupstudio.com.au

Sports Aerobics:

​Weekly classes run Wednesday afternoon after school with an external provider.

Contact Details:

​Meg Ryan Sport Aerobics

email: admin@mrsaerobics.com.au or ph: 0424413136​


Weekly classes run Wednesday afternoon Term 2 after school with an external provider.

Contact Details:

Queensland Futsal-Neil

email: neil@australianfutsal.com or 0436 528 170


​Weekly classes run Tuesday afternoon Term 2 after school with an external provider.

Contact Details:

Cricket Blast - Christine Lewis

email: christine.lewis@qldcricket.com.au

Parents who are considering enrolling their child in private lessons held during school hours should first liaise with the classroom teacher to assess whether there will be a negative impact on the child’s learning as a consequence of scheduled absences from class.

Issues that need to be considered by parents and teachers include: 

  • The impact regular absences from class will have on the child’s progress in other areas of the curriculum.

  • The number of private lessons is restricted to one specialist lesson.

  • The scheduled times for lessons and options to scheduling that may be considered (e.g. the possibility of rotating lesson times).​