Celebrations of Learning

​A significant part of the St Agnes learning culture is our celebrations of learning. These are opportunities for children to share their learning with the school community and sometimes the wider community. In particular parents and carers have an opportunity to appreciate the context and scope of children’s learning experiences. While not exhaustive, the following are examples of such celebrations from previous years:

  • ​Whole School Open Day during Term 1
  • Celebrations- depending on the focus within the class, classes often have a celebration at the completion of a unit
  • Displays of work
  • Assemblies- Many Friday assemblies are a celebration of learning
  • Liturgies
  • Choral Concert​
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Swimming/Athletics/Cross Country carnivals
  • Fete
  • Reader's Cup Challenge​
  • Student Leadership Day
  • Rite of Passage
  • Newsletter-Classes often include reports or summaries of their activities.