Contemporary Learning


Learning Environment 

Contemporary learning environments at St Agnes are designed to offer flexibility and opportunities for collaboration, independence and connectivity to global resources.  This sort of anytime, anywhere learning is supported by our learning environments which include indoor and outdoor learning spaces.​

Technology Vision

St Agnes Catholic Primary School aims to provide technology rich, flexible learning environments to all students in our community. The use of technology is embedded across all curriculum areas to support and actively engage students to critically negotiate their contemporary world and develop important, life-long, skills for the future. 

Technology enables St Agnes Primary School to: 

  • Deliver excellent learning and teaching that maximises engagement, students’ success, student results and the diverse needs of each student 

  • Provide effective communication and engagement with members of the school community 

  • Build professional capacity of staff to effectively engage with and use ICT to improve learning, teaching and administrative practices and processes 

  • Deliver, support and review sustainable systems and resources to improve the use of technology across the schools 

1-1 iPad Program StAgnes_2021(473).jpg

Our 1 to 1 program for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 provides each student with an iPad as a learning tool. Through the use of appropriate applications, and in accordance with the Guidelines for Responsible Use, the iPad enables students to share information, experiences and work. Furthermore, it allows for the ability to communicate and collaborate with teachers, peers, family and the wider global community. 1 to 1 learning provides every student and teacher access to their own mobile device in a wireless environment allowing students to learn at their own pace and ability levels. 1 to 1 initiatives have gained momentum worldwide, and are increasingly seen as a key to transforming education and better preparing students to succeed in a global world.                                                       ©Brisbane Catholic Education, St Agnes School (2021)

Students in Prep to Year 2 have access to Ipads at a 1:2 ratio, enabling them to engage with devices with small group instruction in a supported and structured environment.​