Daily Routine

20160728-1164.jpgThe school day commences at 8:30am and concludes at 3:00pm with the following break times:

8.30am: First Bell 

8.35am – Prayer and messages  

8.40am – 9.20am – Session 1 

9.20am – 10.10am – Session 2 

(Students will be given a munch and crunch break in between the morning session) 

10.10am – 11.00am – Session 3 

11.00am – 11.30am - Break

11.30am – 12.20pm – Session 4 

12.20pm – 1.15pm – Session 5

1.15pm – 1.55pm - Break 

1.55pm – 3.00pm – Session 6

3.00pm end of day 

Please note: Prep will be dismissed 5 minutes before the rest of the school for the first 2 weeks to enable parents to collect children in Prep and proceed to covered area to collect any other children. After this Prep will follow the schedule for the rest of the school.