Camps and Excursions


Class excursions are a means of enhancing the curriculum and have a direct link to classroom learning.  The costs of such excursions are covered by the levies in the school fees. Written permission will be sought by parents via the Parent Portal.


Camps are conducted in Years 4,5, and 6. Camps offer a rich context for learning outside the school environment. Camp focuses vary from year to year. Camp fees are added as a levy to the school fees. 

Some focuses from past years include:

  • Year 4: Awareness of self and others camp- working as a team. 
  • Year 5: Belonging camp- activities focused on working together.
  • Year 6: Leadership Canberra camp- focused on the skills the students will need as leaders of the school. During Covid, we have been unable to off the Year 6 Canberra trip but have instead replaced it with camps in the Sunshine an Gold Coast areas. We hope to resume our Canberra trip in 2023.

Camp small.jpg  ​Canberra 3 (2).jpg