Spirit of St Agnes Awards

Spirit of St Agnes Awards.

Last Thursday as part of Catholic Education Week we celebrated with the ‘Spirit of St Agnes Awards’. We commenced these awards last year as a way of acknowledging people who have contributed to the St Agnes community over many years. This year we recognised three people who have contributed to the community over many years. Mrs June Dillon was one of the  original parents when St Agnes was established in 1962 and since then has maintained a connection with the school through her involvement in the parish and in recent years having her grandsons attend St Agnes .  Mrs Viv Lloyd has been involved in the school over many years with her granddaughters who attended St Agnes. Mrs Lloyd has continued her involvement long after her granddaughters left primary school. She continues to assist in the tuckshop. Mr Tony Toohey has been a faithful Support –A- Reader for 17 years coming every week to help young children learn to read. We congratulate all three on receiving their Spirit of St Agnes Awards. (Mrs Lloyd was unable to attend on Thursday and will be presented at a later date).